Is Trump Acting Untouchable?

Yenny Delgado
4 min readMay 8, 2019

By Yenny Delgado

Credit: Reuters

President Trump has obstructed justice and it is clearly documented not only in the Mueller Report but also in his almost daily tweets and campaign style rallies. Additionally, emerging reporting from the New York Times suggests that over a ten-year period he reported astronomical business losses and paid little to no taxes for close to 8 years. The facts paint a clear picture of obstruction of the investigative process and an individual who is a tax cheat. In addition to the ten distinct instances that could be charged as obstruction of justice, there is also a litany of infractions of laws and basic values that he and his administration has wrought against not only against the truth but against the U.S. population, including:

  • Over 10,000 false or misleading claims
  • Support of ultra-right white supremacist groups through claims that there are “good people” on both sides at the Charlottesville rally
  • Encouraging the use of violence against political opponents
  • Supports of policies that purposely separate families as a form of deterrence on the Southern US border
  • 20 accusations of sexual harassment/abuse
  • Barring proper oversight of his administration by preventing officials from testifying at Congressional hearings

Putting Trump aside, the history of the country reveals a story riddled with injustices and abuses of power. However, will it be possible for the entire nation and the government to turn a blind to the blatant abuses of power? With all of the accumulated evidence that we now we have, will the Congress courageously act to support the rule of law and sustain the institutions of the government? Will the President and his face the same justice that any other US citizen would face for the same acts?

But how do other countries act in cases of corruption?

We have grown accustomed to assuming that U.S. institutions are the most robust and strongest because of the genius of the Founding Fathers. The internal checks expertly crafted into the system and detailed in the federalist papers are basically a dummies guide to US government. However, in the current Constitutional Crisis facing the country…

Yenny Delgado

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